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How to sharpen a hatchet – Step By Step Tutorial

Hatchet is one of the most important equipment of a woodman. It has been used for centuries and also known as an ax. You can use the tool for making many things like fence, cabin and more. So, the hatchet must be shaped enough to use it. You need to know how to sharpen a hatchet before using it. If you use hatchet without sharpening it, you can’t use it properly.

So, it is important to know how to sharpen a hatchet or ax. It will help you to do a task smoothly. You need to sharp the edge in order to chop wood or cut anything. It is not like a razor sharper to shape.

There are some specific ways to sharp the edge of a hatchet. You can follow our steps to sharp!

Step-1: Set the Position

You need to set the hatchet in right angle to sharp. You need to mount the hatchet firmly the edge up. Then, you need use a file to remove any nicks or burrs. No problem if your hatchet doesn’t have it.

Step-2: Passing the File on hatchet Edge

You need to pass the file over the hatchet edge to make it sharp. You need to do it several times to make it perfect. You can make the passes in two ways.

You can pass in downward. Or, you can also use side to side passing for sharpening the hatchet. You need to continue the passing until you remove dings and chips.

You should use cut resistant carving gloves for your safety. Sometimes you can misbalance and cut your fingers. You need to pay full attention to your cut. Otherwise, you can injure easily.

Step-3:  Use fine file

You need to continue the step-2 for both of the sides of the hatch. Then, move to a fine file for the step-3. You can also use a coarse stone for the stage.

You need to maintain the angle and use the coarse file or stone to remove the marks. You need to use downward stroke for cleaning the hatch.

Step-4: Use a Medium Stone

You also need a medium stone for the perfection. You need different stroke for the stage. You need to start at the top corner of the edge and stroking to the bottom corner.

While passing the stone, you need to be careful to keep you safe. You need to continue the process until it is polished perfectly.


Sharpening your hatchet will increase the durability of the use. In addition, you do not need to give much effort with a sharp hatch. It will make it easy to work, cut and chop anything.

Therefore, you can use the right method to sharpen your hatch regularly. Moreover, you should always wear some safety accessories to keep you safe. Cut-resistant gloves are main part to keep you safe. Also, you should use an appropriate angle to sharpen the blade. Otherwise, it will not sharp the edge of the blade properly.

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