How To Refinish A Gun Stock Tutorial

Refinishing gun stock is an important task to do. You must need to maintain your gun stock for durable usage and performance. Therefore, you need to know the right way to refinish the gun stock.

It is a basic criterion to maintain the wood stock of the gun. Moreover, it will make your gun stock newly looked like. In short, the process will make the gun stock new and impressive. So, you can follow our step by step process for refinishing a gun stock.

Step-1: Remove the Old Finish

First of all, you will need to remove the old finish of the gun stock. Then, you need to apply a new finish. For that reason, you will need to remove the barreled action. But, you need to make sure that the gun is unloaded. Many beginners do not aware of loading the gun.

You can use a finish remover spray for removing the old finish. It is the best and easiest way to remove the old finish. For safety concern, you should wear gloves on hand and face marks. It will help to work properly and without any problem.

Step-2: Removal of Old Varnish

You need to remove the varnish from the gun stock. In this case, you can use either steel wool or scrub pad.

The scrub pad is the best choice because it makes it easy to remove. Moreover, it is safe to use for your gun stock. In addition, it helps to make the gun stock smooth and leave no particles on the gun stock.

Step-3: Removal of Grease

You need to remove the grease of the gun stock too. The scrub pad loosens some grease layer too. As a result, you need to use a stiff brush for removing the layer of the grease. The brush can work in a better way that you need. However, you need to follow the same direction that you remove the old finish.

Step-4: Removal of Oil Strains

Do you want to remove the gun-oil stains from the gun? Then, you can use a hair dryer because it works well for the removal process. You can use apply the heat of the dryer over the tang.

It will help to lessen the gun-oil within a short time. Now you can use a towel tissue in order to wipe the oil from the gun stock

Step-5: Sanding the Gun Stock

Now, it’s time to remove sanding the gun stock. However, you need to cover the checkering area properly. Otherwise, you can be sanding the checkering by mistake. It can cause damage to the checkering area too.

You don’t need to worry about the butt edge damage. You can repair it after your task is finished.

You should use a long sanding block for the task. It will make the gun stock smooth and perfect for easy sanding. You need to use the sanding block in same direction and process. Select an even place to complete the task.

Step-6: Remove the Extra Dust

The sanding process will leave some sanding dust on your gun stock. Therefore, you need to remove the sanding dust from the gun stock too. You can use a scrubbing pad again to remove the dust.

You can also use a cotton cloth in order to wipe the gun stock. It will ensure that there is no dust on the gun stock. It is important to clean the gun stock properly for the final finishing touch.

Step-7: Apply new Filler

Selecting the right filler for your gun stock is important. There are many types of fillers for the upper layer. You can choose any of the available fillers.

Choosing French Red is one of the best action that you can do. It is preferred because many gun makers use the filler. So, it will leave a newly look to your gun stock.

Of course, it will leave a rich impression on your gun stock. Moreover, it will make it deep grain with its quality. You can use a brush for applying the filler. However, applying it with your hands can make it better.

Note: You should not apply the filler on the checkering area.

Step-8: Removal of Extra Filler

You need to use the scrubbing pad again in this process. In the step, you need to remove the access filler. However, you need to wait for some time till the filler dries completely.

You need to use a good size scrub pad for the process. You should rub in the same direction to the grain. It will make the gun stock smooth and even. You should not stop rubbing unless the gun stock is smooth and even.

Step-9: Apply New Finish

Now, you need to apply a new finish over the gun stock. You will get many types of finishes for the gun. You can ask the gun dealer to select the right and recommended gun stock finish.

However, Tru-Oil is a durable and waterproof finish for a gun stock. You can apply the finish over the gun stock. It will make it durable, smooth and quality look. Moreover, it comes with an ultra-coat design for your gun stock.

You need to apply the finish in multiple layers. It will make the finish durable and fine look. You should use the sand paper for rubbing when one layer is dried. It will make the layer smooth and perfect.

Step-10: Checkering Criteria

You should also apply the finish to the checkering. However, it is a good idea to leave the checkering if it is in good condition. The real checkering finish is durable and good. So, you should not hamper the real look of the checkering.


You have the complete step by step tutorial on how to refinish the gun stock. So, you can use our provided tutorial to refinish your gun stock. It is a good idea to talk to the gun dealer or manufacturer to get the recommended gun filler and finisher for your gun. It will help to choose the best material for your gun stock!

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