How to hunt coyotes at night successfully?

In North America, coyote hunting is popular among the hunters throughout the year. Some States and provinces allow coyote hunting to keep the number low. Coyotes are regarded to cause problems for wildlife and life stock. As a result, many biologists also encourages hunting coyote.

You can hunt coyotes both night and day time. However, hunting coyotes at night are exciting and challenging. You can learn how to hunt coyotes at night to enjoy the hunting session. In fact, night hunting is preferred to reduce the population of coyotes effectively.

Today, we will discuss some important tips and tactics on how to hunt coyotes at night successfully. There are many ways that you can follow. The tips will help to get success and reduce the popular of coyotes.

Coyotes are a nocturnal animal group that remains active at night. They perform most of the activities at night for eating, breeding, and hunting. Therefore, it is easy to find the coyotes at night than daytime. Moreover, they feel secure to ride at night for various reasons. At night, the activity of human remains low, so, they become free to be around for life task.

Spot Lighting

How to Hunt Coyotes at Night

Spot lighting is the best way to find the coyotes at night. You need to see the coyotes clearly at night to hunt. The best practical method is to use a high-quality spotlight. It is an extremely bright light that can give you a view of the coyotes at night. Depending on the quality, the spotlight can offer 400 to 600 yards view. So, you need to invest on the right spotlight.

You can easily see a coyote using a post light. Normally, artificial light creates reflect in the eyes of the animal. Therefore, you can see the reflection on eyes to find out the animals available nearby. Moreover, it is easy to scan the area that you are searching for coyotes with a spotlight.

As spot light creates a reflection on eyes, you need to differentiate among the animals. Don’t rush to shoot at the animal without recognizing it. You need to differentiate that may become hard for a beginner. You can discuss with the experienced shooter for an experience. The eyes become brighter than prey eyes.

So, you can identify it within a short time. You can also notice the differences in strength and color too. You need to be very sure before aiming at the animal.

You can use various sources for powering the spotlight. However, using the cigarette lighter of a vehicle for the power source. It is the best way to power the light because of its capacity. You can also use any rechargeable battery. However, it can consume high power and runs out of power.

It is important to check the law and regulations of your state for hunting the coyotes. You should read the local regulations before you approach to hunt.

Calling coyotes at night

Coyotes call is one of the effective ways to call for hunting. You will always have a good result by using predator calls. As coyotes become active at night, they are investigating for any sound.

There are many machines that can make an appropriate sound for calling coyotes. So, you can use the sound of rabbit, bird, and howls of coyotes. Distress calls of coyotes is also an effective method to call.

Types of Call

You can use both mouth calls and electric calls for calling the coyotes. However, electric calls are the best for calling them. It is shape, loud, clear and easy to change. You should not go for mouth calls if you are not skilled. In can give an awareness feeling to the coyotes. Therefore, you need to use an electric machine for creating a sound to attract the coyotes.


You need to be ready always to shoot at coyotes. It may need less than one minute to attack you. They are active to investigate the sound. So, you need to aim and shoot coyotes as soon as you see it. Otherwise, it can find and attack you before you think anything.

Hunting a coyote need patience. You need to select the right place. The appearance time of coyotes depends on the selected location. For that reason, you need to wait for some time to see the coyotes. You may need to create calls for several times to see coyotes. However, you need to ready like you will see within next few seconds.

Best Tunes to Hunt coyotes at night

hunt coyotes at night

You can hunt coyotes at night throughout the year. However, the best time is the fur-bearing season. You can choose late September to March. It is the best time for hunting because they remain active. They like to hide in the spring and summer season. So, it will become tough to find a coyote for hunting in these seasons.

You should always choose a warmer weather for hunting. Coyotes calls work well for the warm days. If you know how to hunt coyotes at night, you can easily take the advantage. You can use the calls and get the coyotes at your shooting range.

You can hunt better in the winter season for having a long night. That means you will have a long time to find and hunt coyotes. You can start searching as soon as it becomes dark.

You need to use a spotlight for the winter nights. Make sure you choose a frog-resistant spotlight for winter nights. It works well than a normal spotlight. Leaning know to hunt coyotes at night will give you good hunting experience in your life.

Gear That You need for hunting Coyotes at night

hunting Coyotes at night

There are some items that you need to use for hunting coyotes. They are the most important gear that is given bellow:


The selection of the rifle is important for hunting coyotes at night. You don’t need a large bullet for the coyotes. The coyotes are low weight animal, the large one is only 30 pounds.

Therefore, you can easily get a normal rifle for hunting a coyote. You can use a 243 caliber rifle for hunting coyotes. The soft-skinned coyotes will easily damage using the caliber rifle. It is also good for deer, and hogs. In fact, the bullet also carries good weight for long distance shooting.

Spot Light

You need a good brand spotlight for hunting coyotes at night. You can’t hunt without a good quality spotlight. It will help to scan the area and see the coyotes in your range. You can use vehicle power source for powering the light.

You need to use the red filter cover for your beam light. The coyotes don’t see the red color. As a result, you can easily use the spotlight without unaware the coyotes. It will keep you safe and give you an advantage of scanning the coyotes.

Coyotes Calls

You will get various types of predator calls machine in the market. You need to choose the best coyote’s calls machine for your night. You can use a mouth calls but they do not work well. Therefore, you need to use the electric coyote’s calls for the best result.

Ready for anything

You need to ready for anything at night. When you make calls for coyotes, you can also see many other animals. Like coyotes, many other animals become active at night too.

You can also see foxes, bobcat, lynx and many predators at night. Therefore, it is possible to get the response from the predators when you make calls. As a result, it is important to be ready for anything.

In addition, you should have proper gear for the animals. In some states, you can also see wolves. Before you shoot, you need to know about the local regulations for hunting the animals. Otherwise, you can be in the trapped of local law and regulations.

You should know the local regulations before you set up for coyotes hunting. In addition, you should have an idea about the available predators in the area. It will help you to setup your gear and awareness according to the situation.


Now you know how to hunt coyotes at night. So, you can easily follow our ways to get an advantage of hunting. You need to spend a long time at night to hunt. Choose the longer nights for hunting and stop the song dogs. You will have a long time for hunting. Therefore, winter nights are the best for hunting the dogs. However, you need to wear good warm clothes for the winter nights too. That might become another concept to choose the gadgets, gear, and cloth for hunting.

You can change the schedule, hunting tactics to get extra benefit. You should not follow one tactic every night. You can change the tactics to attract the coyotes at the point. However, you need to remain in a safe place for pulling the trigger. Make sure your aim is correct to shoot. Otherwise, it may become aware and attack you too


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