How to Choose the Perfect A Red Dot Sight

Folks have been helped with the commencing of red dot sight since it can improve their skills in firearms. A red dot sight is an optical sight used in various firearms which main function is aiming accurately. Although the applications can be used for telescopes and cameras, red dot sight is popularly used in firearms industry.

The most common red dot sight comes with the red LED lighting system to produce the reticle. As the result, you will see the significant red dot that is aligned with your weapon. This red dot helps you with the accuracy as well as tracking your prey easier than before.

To answer the question about which the best red dot sight in the market, you will probably heard many people recommending the AR15 as the perfect red dot sight. Most recent models come as improved and more sophisticated versions. But you don’t always need to stick to that brand.

Most folks who are firearms conscious agree that having a decent scope is very crucial for target practice or hunting. Being accurate in hitting the target is the staple necessity of every hitters. You may can rely on traditional iron sights to hit the target, but you may not be able to match the speed given by the red dot sight. Making the use of red dot sight gives you the ability to aim and shoot faster and accurately. You don’t have to be a militant to be eligible to purchase this. Now every firearms shops provide the red dot sights for recreational purposes such as hunting, target practice, and paintball.

Red dot sight ensures the faster targeting capabilities. So there is no need to take time to aim. With the help of this, you can easily hit the target. It is also perfect for fast paced ambush. Unlike the conventional sights, red dot sights give you wider field of view. With this advantage, you will be able to aim and track the prey from further distance. Depending on your scope distance, you may want to adjust the distance with your prey or target.


With the help of red dot sight, you can have enormous amount of eyes reliefs. Moreover, it is the best company for night hunters. It is very easy to aim in the dark of night.

What I recommended you so far is not only for motionless targets, but also moving targets. In fact, many shooters have prefered to use red dot sights to aim at moving targets. You will be better in shooting faster with the red dot sight. To choose the perfect red dot sights, there are some factors that you need to consider.


First thing to look in the feature is housing configuration. Basically, red dot sight come with 2 style of housing configuration: open and tube/close style. The open style sights are most modern models. It consist of bare basics and objective window. In this style, you will see the target through the objective window. The only downside of this style is that you can’t use the filter to enhance the viewing mode. Instead, you can use tube styled sights. It is the perfect resemblance of the traditional styled scope. However, the type of housing gives you the ability to apply filters and covers to the lens. This will enhance your viewing experience since you can easily see the red dot in the extreme sunlight bright. Actually, it is your right to choose. It will also depend on the type of the gun you are using. Some guns are compatible with tube style, some with open style.

In term of sights, red dot sights come in holographic and reflex sights. You may also want to check the downs and ups of both sights.

The other important feature to consider is the reticle. Reticles hold integral role in the red dot sight. They are purposely designed to be illuminated. As the results, the users will be easier to shoot in the low lighting areas or darkness. Many people are assuming that red dot sights are red in color. But they must not always be the red or simple dot. You can expect different colors and patterns of the dot sights, although most sellers still claim them as “red” dot. The styles of the sights range from single dot, cross hairs, or other patterns. The most favorite colors of dot in the market are red and green color. In most recent models, you can also adjust the reticle size. This will allow you to adapt with several situations.

Red dot sight comes with battery to empower it. Make sure you choose ones which have longevity.

The Price
Speaking of which, you are not always recommended to purchase the most expensive one. The higher priced models do not guarantee the better quality for your necessities. Spending too much on red dot sight does not always guarantee your shooting experience will be enhanced. Some of them are indeed better than others. But if there is decent red dot sight with cheaper price, why not purchase that one? The more crucial thing you need to consider is to check the key features of specific models you are scouting.

Your Gun Compatibility

Not all red dot sights are compatible with any gun. They are purposely designed to cater specific guns’ needs. So not all firearms will be suitable for specific red dot sights. Make sure you check this compatibility prior to determine which one you will purchase from the market.


Check and double check the size of the red dot sight. If necessary, you can also bring your gun to the shop to check whether it is suitable for gun or not.



The other factor is about the red dot weight. In this case, it will totally depend on your preferences. Some people prefer heavier sights to give more grip, some tend to pick the lighter ones. But the point is that the weight can affect the overall weight of your gun. So make sure you are still able to handle your gun when the red dot sight attached.


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