Best Crossbow for deer hunting and Buying Guide

Best Crossbow for deer hunting and Buying Guide


Are you looking for the best crossbow for deer hunting? Then, you are in the right place. We will give you completed buying guideline for crossbows. Moreover, you will find the best crossbows reviews on our site.

Buying crossbow is exciting and challenging. If you are a newbie, you need to research the crossbows properly. This is a time-consuming task for any person. So, would like to help you today for choosing a good quality crossbow for your purchase.

Top 5 Crossbows Reviews

As there are thousands of crossbows available in the market, you might become confused. Therefore, we have picked top 5 crossbows that you can consider. Of course, they are affordable, powerful, accurate and reliable to buy.


Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package


Barnett is the name to trust. Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package is an ideal crossbow with great accuracy and power. This crossbow offers comfortable grip design with high FPS.

Along with a sleek, the manufacturer designs it like a military-style stock. The synthetic string and cable system is perfect for the crossbow. In addition, the high energy wheels will generate much power to shoot.

The crossbow offers 150-pound draw weight with 315 FPS feet per second speed. Cocking a bow in the crossbow is very easy for any beginner. The 3.5 lbs trigger pull system is very smooth to work.

Don’t worry about the accessories. You will get bolts, premium red dot sight and a quick-detach quiver with the crossbow. However, it does not offer any rope cocking device. So, you need to collect it separately.

This crossbow is easy to handle and aim. The premium red dot sight will help you to aim and shoot very easily. In addition, the grip design is great for any person to shoot. You can hit from 30 to 50 yards very easily using the crossbow.

There is also a user’s manual guideline book. It will provide you complete guideline how to use the crossbow and eliminate troubleshooting.



CenterPoint Sniper 370


Are you looking for a high FPS firing velocity crossbow? Then, this is one of smart choice for you. This is a 370 FPS velocity crossbow with 185 pounds draw weight. Therefore, you can target from a long distance using the crossbow.

You will get good accuracy for shooting because of a vibration free shot design. The integrated string suppressor ensures quiet and vibration free shooting at any target. So, this is a great advantage for hunting.

The tactical stock and forearm of the crossbow are easy to adjust. So, you can adjust the parts and feel comfortable to shoot. Moreover, the CNC machined aluminum rail is lightweight and durable. So, you can use the channel for getting accuracy.

The best part of the crossbow is its illuminated scope. The scope will help you to aim properly and perfectly. As a result, you will get good shooting experience using the scope.

You will get three carbon bolts, a rope cocker and a shoulder sling with the crossbow. Moreover, auto-safety trigger design will prevent you from hurting. This is easy to cock a bow with the rope cocker. You will also get a user’s manual instructions to know more about it.


SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package


If you are looking for a lightweight and high-end rifle, this is the best choice for hunters and archers. This is a lightweight crossbow for a small and medium game. The high-quality finish makes the crossbow perfect for having good shooting time.

This is made of recurve limbs and compressed fiberglass. So, this is durable and flexible to use. Moreover, the grip design is ergonomic friendly to enhance the comfort zone.

The crossbow is perfect for 20 to 30 yards shooting. With 175 pounds draw weight, this will give you super speed shooting. It shoots at 240 feet per second at the target. So, this is a perfect speed for hunting a deer or bear.

Assembling the crossbow is an easy task for any person. However, this will take nearly 30 minutes to prepare the crossbow for shooting. The 4×32 mm adjustable scope makes aiming to the target easy for any hunter.

The rope cocking design provides a huge leverage to cock the bow. So, this is easy to ready your arrow. In addition, the trigger works smoothly for shooting. This will give you a slight feeling to fire.

It also follows the standards for safety and anti-fry firework. In short, this is an ideal crossbow for the beginners.




PSE Fang 350 Crossbow


The best-selling crossbow of 2015 is again in the market with the redesign and better features. This is an affordable crossbow with reliable, lightweight and accuracy.

The crossbow shots at a speed of 350 feet per second with 155 lbs draw weight. So, this is a perfect crossbow for the hunters and archers. Moreover, it includes anti-fry fire trigger that works smoothly.

You will also get a 4×32 removal scope to aim at the target easily. This is easy to remove and attach in the crossbow. Assembling the crossbow needs only 10 minutes to prepare without any basic experience.

It shoots the arrow very smoothly at a good speed. The trigger shots with a 4lb pull for accuracy and speed. Moreover, the cocking rope helps to cock the bow within a short time.

In short, this is a good choice if you want to buy an affordable but good quality crossbow. The price may be lower but you will get good performance, reliable, accuracy and durability too.


Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package


Barnett introduced the crossbow in 2013. This is a compact and lightweight crossbow, considering a perfect crossbow for women. If you like small frame crossbow, this is a perfect match for you.

The high-end design matches with the performance level, accuracy, and velocity. The lightweight composite stock makes it easier to hold and aim for a beginner.

It designs with a pistol grip handle. The ergonomic design crossbow is made of quad limbs for ensuring enough energy. The buttstock is adjustable for any particular body size.

The average crossbow offers significant accuracy and power. With 130 pounds draw weight and 12.5 inches power stroke, it can shoot at a 300 feet per second speed. This is very impressive for a small frame crossbow like it.

You will get a premium red dot sight in the crossbow. Although the optics are fog resistance, they are not good for long range shooting. It includes 3 20 inches carbon arrows.

So, you can practice targeting using the arrows. Moreover, you can replace the arrows when you are in a real game. 400-grain allows are recommended for the crossbow. Overall, this is a great choice for an average hunter and archers.






Things to consider when buying the best crossbow

There are many important factors to consider when choosing a crossbow. The factors will help you to make a final selection. If you randomly choose a crossbow, you may not expect to get the best crossbow for your purpose. So, you can consider the following factors when choosing a crossbow:

Draw Weight

Draw weight is the amount of pull that is required to get ready to fire. Different models offer different draw weight level. Basically, you will find between 75 and 200 lbs draw weight. The draw weight capacity is enough for hunting from a small deer to large bucks.

However, some states also enforce some rules. You can’t use more draw weight crossbow for hunting. So, this is important to know the maximum limit in your state.

Arrow Speed

Arrow speed is another important factor to consider. You will buy a crossbow either for target practice or hunting. If you want a crossbow for hunting, you should choose a crossbow with more than 300 FPS.

The speed will help you in the hunting field. Moreover, they will give you greater accuracy shooting than low FPS crossbows.

Power of Scope

You will need a powerful scope if you want maximum level of accuracy. The scope will help you shoot from distance. Moreover, this will improve your accuracy level. You can choose a low or mid-range distance scope. Normally, they are the best for medium game or hunting.

Purpose of Buying the Crossbow

This is also a factor to consider. You need to be specific when buying a crossbow. If you intend to buy it for hunting, you need to look for an expensive model.

You can choose any random model if you want to do fun with your friends. Target practice and shooting crossbows have different classifications. Depending on the game type and size, you need to choose the crossbow. So, a purpose is very important for buying the right crossbow.

Cocking Aids

You will find two types of cock aids. You need to choose either an elastic straps or cranks. Crossbows with straps are very common among the users.

If you want to cock it easily, then, the crank is for you. This is easy to handle and cocks the crossbow. Remember cock the crossbow properly is important to get the maximum accuracy.



This is not major criteria to consider. But, you need to fix a budget before you start researching. This will help you to filter the crossbows in short numbers. You will find crossbows from $100 to more than $1000. Depending on your purpose, affordability, and expectation, you can fix a suitable budget for the crossbow. Of course, expensive models offer good accuracy, easy to use and high-quality performance.


Tips for using crossbow

Don’t you know how to use a crossbow perfectly? Today we will give you some important tips for using a crossbow properly. You can follow our tips and improve your shooting skill. So, don’t waste time, start reading and implement our steps.

Step-1: Cock the Bow

Firstly, you need to cock the bow properly. This process will need some time to learn. You can use strap or crank to cock the bow.

If you find it hard using a strap for cock, you can use the crank. This is easy to cock using the crank.

Step-2: Load the Bow

Now it is time to place an arrow in the barrel. You need to place the arrow in the channel properly. Make sure you lock is properly.

Step-3: Aim

You need to know many things when you are aiming at a target. Basically, you will find pin arrangement or mount a scope to aim. You need to understand the speed, velocity, and distance when aiming.

Step-4: Shoot

As soon as your aim is fixed, you can pull the trigger to shoot. Don’t move your elbow and crossbow at the time of triggering. Otherwise, it will not hit the targeted object.

Some additional Tips

  • You should always use high-quality arrows for the crossbow
  • Don’t forget to take rest to regain energy level
  • You need to learn arrow trajectory for better accuracy
  • You need to feel and trigger for shooting smoothly
  • Give time to practice before the game time



Question-1: How far can you shoot using a crossbow?

Answer: The distance coverage depends on the quality of the crossbow. You need to look at the features of the crossbow. Depending on the models, you can hit a distance from 20 yards to 60 yards.


Question-2: How old do you need to be to buy a crossbow?

Answer: There is no specific age to buy a crossbow. But, you need to be more than 18 years old to buy a hunting crossbow.


Question-3: What is the main difference between a regular and a pistol crossbow?

Answer: The main difference is the size of the crossbow. Pistol crossbows are smaller than a regular crossbow.


Question-4: What is the ideal draw weight for hunting?

Answer:  You can choose between 150 lbs and 200 lbs draw weight for hunting.



This is important to buy the best crossbow for deer hunting in 2016. We have picked the top 5 crossbows and review them. Moreover, we give you a complete buying guideline that will help you to choose the right crossbow.

You should take time, research, compare and make a final selection to buy. Taking help from your friend who has a crossbow is also a vital process. So, pick the best crossbow and have a good time with your weapon!


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