Howdy! My name is Leo J. Gebhard. I’d say tons of thanks for you to visit my humble website.

Hunters, hobbyist, beginners, whoever you are, welcome! Welcome!

So, what did drive me to make this site? Simple. I just want to share my hunting experiences with you in the form of tips and guides. I’ve been in the woods (not literally) for years. And I have been through ups and downs when hunting. I want to share my experiences to both beginners and advanced hunters. I also wish to direct all readers in the right direction regarding the tools and crossbow. So, as you expect, you will see a lot of reviews about Crossbow, both recurve and compounds. I also want to share some equipments and gears tips for you.

The reason why I share everything to you? Well, hunting has been the prime survival method for human since the ancient time. Today, however, only few hunters hunt for their food. And now it becomes more of a hobby for some people. But hunting is not as easy as you usually see on TV show or movies. It requires such versatile skills and equipments. One can become successful hunter if he or she knows the equipments really well. Crossbow is the core of equipments. Many hunters rely on this equipment because it increases the survival rate.

Crossbow hunting has been very popular in hunting community. Since it is categorized as firearms, the existence of the equipment has been restricted under the laws in some states and provinces. In this site, I will invite you to the deeper exploration about crossbow hunting.

Why Crossbow? Why not anything else?

First reason, I love crossbow. It is nice to share what I love with people. Second is not less important. Crossbow offers tons of advantages for hunters. Those advantages will somehow make you the best survivor in the wood.

Crossbow is a massively powerful weapon. It is also accurate. Compared to the conventional bow and arrow, crossbow offers more prospects. For instance, you will find the the marksmanship improves 10-30% with one equipment like crossbow. That means deer hunting is not difficult anymore. Crossbow increases your kill shots percentage. It is also more humane because it can kill the prey in instant. I have been argued with some people about how we treat the animals which are being injured without being killed. They suffer to the death. It is amoral. But with using crossbow, they can be killed quickly.

Crossbow is smaller and lighter, meaning you can store it anywhere and save some space. You can keep it in your bag and carry around without getting noticed by others. In the woods, it will help you to lower your profile, concealing your existence toward the prey. You can stalk your prey without getting noticed and do the sudden attack which is unavoidable.

If you have been interested in hunting with a crossbow, you have come to the right place. Please read my reviews and articles. Don’t hesitate to leave your comment in comment box for communication. Ciao!