8 Crossbow Do’s and 3 Don’ts


Many people do not know exactly what to expect when they purchase crossbows. Many of them only purchase the crossbows which are recommended by most reviews without double rechecking. As the result, the tools confused them. If you are one of them, you may be not sure about a lot of things. You may be wondering how to load and unload the crossbow, how to pull the string back, why is your crossbow so noisy, and many others.

Most recent crossbows are purposely designed to improve hunting experience. They are faster, more accurate, and more powerful. However, some people often neglect several things and they can’t experience the good hunting. So, here are some do’s and don’ts for you. I hope them very helpful for your hunting seasonal plan.

1 Buy The Affordable One

You don’t have to break the bank to purchase the best crossbow at your disposal. Bargain-basement crossbow is surely less expensive, but I won’t recommend that. It will not be a good choice since it has been used many times before. What I did mean is that you can save a lot of bucks when purchasing decent crossbow packages in the market. These will include the crossbow itself, few bolts, points, sight, quiver, as well as cocking device. Rather than purchasing separately, you can purchase the packages. Most crossbow manufacturers offer packages which are very affordable. A decent crossbow package will cost you around $800 to $2,000. That is far cheaper than purchasing the equipment separately. Don’t forget to check on sales, offers, and promotions. It does not hurt to keep updated to these information. Keep in mind that you are going to use the crossbow for a long time. So purchasing the best for you at affordable rate is priority.

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2 Enough Draw Weight

Draw weight is very crucial. It is impactful for both hunters and preys. Enough draw weight will put the prey to die quickly rather than just wounded and suffering. The higher the draw weight, the more deadly impact you can get from your crossbow. If you avoid being a merciless hunter, consider this aspect thoroughly. There is a downside of course for hard draw weight. It will be harder to pull the strings.

3 Speed or Velocity
You need to purchase a crossbow which has enough speed and velocity. Speed of arrow is very important aspect in hunting. It will determine whether you catch your prey or not. The heavier the arrow, the slower it will traver. So lighter arrow travels faster and catches the prey faster. However, it does not mean faster arrow is more desirable choice. When looking at the decent crossbow, look for the FPS – feet per second measurement. The ideal FPS is around 200 up to 400 fps. The speed will improve the level of your accuracy. For beginners, you can ask the manufacturer’s recommendation in choosing the crossbow.

4 Scope Sight

Some decent crossbows in the market still come with open sights. However, the better ones for beginners are scope sighted crossbows. With the optical sighting device, your hunting experience will be more excel because it provides more accuracy. You may find conventional crossbow with standard scope sight. But there are some units which come with laser sights. These sights are practical attachments which can serve indicators of where your bolt will hit.

The scope sight, laser and conventional, are very portable and can be attached to the underside of the crossbow part or on top. In laser sight, you can place it top of the scope. The high intensity beam will reach objects at longer distances. It is the best option for those who want to target the further preys.

5 Pick the Best Arrows

Arrows play an integral part of your hunting process. You will never hit your target if your arrows are just so so. Bad arrows are flying slower and knuckling. That’s why you need to use the best arrows which fly like laser beams. They are made from the best materials coming with the best brands like Easton or Carbon Express. Make sure you choose the right arrows which are designed for the specific models. Each manufacturer will recommend the distinct type of arrow based on the hunters’ necessity. Don’t hesitate to ask the retailers on which the best arrows to pick. Arrows can be made of carbon or aluminum. Well, both materials do really good job actually.

6 Pick Quality Broadheads

The more excellent broadheads are those who are built with the sharpest blades. But it is not only the aspect. Ones can test it when they are flying. You need to find the broadheads which can allow your arrow fly straight and true. So, which one is better? Replaceable-blade or mechanical? Actually, both of them are great. But recently, folks tend to choose mechanical broadhead design since it works better.

7 Pick a Rest

Many hunters are helped with monopod or shooting sticks. They allow you to use the rest and help you to absorb the recoil. You know that crossbow is somewhat heavy. Picking a good rest will help you a lot in the woods.

8 Trajectory Becomes Tricky

In you initial stage, you need to learn the arrow trajectory. Most of the arrows fired will come with large parabolic arc. The further your prey, the more tricks you need to have to work with the trajectory. You will need to practice to place and position your crosshairs to the preys.

Don’t Do These!

There are also some don’ts that you need to consider when having a crossbow.

1 Watch Your Fingers and Thumb

The trickiest part is positioning your fingers and thumb. Make sure you place them in the safest position so that you won’t shoot your own fingers. Consider it when hunting to avoid any injury.

2 Beyond Range? Don’t Force it!

Don’t shoot beyond your range. You need to consider the maximum effective range unless your arrow is operated automatically by a robot. The range determines on how far you can hit the prey. Shooting beyond the range will waste your time, effort, and obviously arrows.

3 Don’t Shoot Off-Hand

Shooting off-hand can be a real challenge for you due to the crossbow weight. It will also affect the effective accuracy. Learn from kneeling or sitting positions as the start so that you can maximize your hunting experience.

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